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Alpha_Hounds is an Early Access game that aims to go back to the old school shooters. There are no laser weapons, missiles, care packages or vehicles. Just pure Player vs Player and some added AI Bot action!

Because the game is still in development we're looking for ways to generate an income to help buy assetts and possibly hire staff. Every bit of money generated by the game will go back into the game or be saved for when it's needed the most.

We're in the midst of setting up our website and once up a link will be posted here for any players to visit to suggest features and ideas, we aim to hear the community out and add what we can whilst keeping it as close to our general idea as we can. Once the website is up we will release our launcher that will patch the game automatically for you.


At the moment we have BlackRock a map dedicated to the Player vs AI aspect of the game, so far there are a few targets to shoot at to showcase destruction, weapon handling and more.

TestAreaAlpha is a map dedicated to showcasing the Multiplayer where you will randomly join games to start with and go head to head against other players.


Alpha_Hounds Website

Email: support@alphahounds.com